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About Us

About Us

Real Estate Specialists (RES) Hawaii is a full-service, locally based real estate company with a unique approach to fulfilling all of our client's real estate objectives. Our business is based upon 4 core values:

  1. Staying "innovative" in the marketplace.
  2. Keeping our outlook and perspective "fresh".
  3. Running a business that is "efficient".
  4. Staying "passionate" about what we do.

By following these simple values, we believe we are able to service our clients in a way that no other real estate firm can. If you take the time to look at other companies in the marketplace, you'll notice that most subscribe to the "old way" of carrying out business. The local real estate industry has molded itself into a labor intensive trade, with an archaic system of delivering crucial information to clientele and associates. We have taken that mold and shattered it. The result is RES Hawaii, and a fresh new way to fulfill your real estate objectives. Whether you are in the market for your first home, investment property or in need of a property manager, we have you covered.

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